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Our Company 

Our company DIGITRANS.AI was founded to provide innovative technological solutions in synergy with digital transformation tools, that will define the future of industry. The continuous search and development strengthen our goals and fuels our dynamics, so that we consistently and effectively undertake the commitments to our client companies. Our customers are the core of our operation. The mission of DIGITRANS is to best support the industry of Southeastern Europe through the installation of new innovative technological systems and the availability of digital transformation tools. We are at the forefront of innovation for the industry and our customers, expanding their business boundaries and horizons. 

Our Vision

We aim to provide the best possible support in the area in which we operate, with the implementation of modern-integrated technological projects and their maintenance services. Our priority is the ever-evolving path of the businesses we work with so that they remain profitable for years to come.

We are at the forefront of the implementation of the Best Available Techniques in the areas of anti-pollution in the context of circular economy and climate change.  

The vision of our company: 

Sustainability | Innovation | R&D 

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Our Mission

At DIGITRANS we represent innovative, future-oriented technologies, while placing great emphasis on serving our customers throughout the life cycle of our offered products.

We use our experience as well as our unique expertise to create new perspectives for the industry through continuous innovation. We give added value to our partners by acting as pioneers on the way to a sustainable and carbon-neutral industry, a green society for the next generations, based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. 

Leadership Team

New Thinking Requires New Teams.

Our company is a great place for all our colleagues to learn, explore and grow as professionals.

We are a diverse group of scientists.

We focus on the goals, vision and know-how necessary to develop the technologies of the future.

DIGITRANS.AI’s leadership team represents its unwavering commitment to excellence. 
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Our Values

Our philosophy focuses on the interested parties as a guide for the adoption of comprehensive, extensive internal policies, which on one hand govern the behavior of our employees and on the other hand form the basis for our business model.

By acting ethically, we can guarantee sustainable long-term success for our customers, interested parties and the communities in which we operate. This is why every DIGITRANS employee is held responsible for the maintenance, promotion and improvement of the ethical corporate culture. 
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